ship out now for the South Pacific

If you’ve enjoyed sharing our journey so far, you’ll be excited to hear that for the first time, I am going to be able to communicate with you this month while I’m at sea! Our social media accounts pretty much go dark when we’re crossing the ocean, but YOU can still receive photos and stories from the middle of the Pacific in real time as Zia 🐶 and I sail Windfola on our month-long passage this May from San Diego to French Polynesia… not to mention there will be multiple exclusive satellite tracking maps showing our path as we cross, and special surprise gifts for you! All you have to do is sign up here for the journey.

By becoming a supporter for our May passage, you will also be enabling us to continue on, meaning more adventure in the future for you, too! I’m really excited to be able to share it all with you.

our 2019 itinerary

May 9th
Depart San Diego, CA

Arrive Marquesas

French Polynesia

Cook Islands, Niue, Vanuatu?

New Zealand…

New Zealand to South Africa!

how to cross the equator with us



Become a part of our May 2019 Pacific crossing from north to south as a Stowaway, receiving access to our exclusive tracking map displaying up-to-the-minute details on our location, as well as my little “message in a bottle” status updates.


Crew will not only have access to our tracking maps for our May 2019 passage, but will also get a peek into the Peregrina’s Log! I’ll write to you with all the stories of our life throughout the month we’re at sea, and share photos with you so you can see the beauty out there, too.


The skipper is pretty busy out there managing the ship, but she’ll look forward to hearing back from you and responding to you in turn! During our May 2019 passage, you’ll be able to track us and read my Log, but you can also reach out to me while I’m out on the water, and I’ll answer your questions and share extra details of our life at sea.

first mates

Officers dine in the captain’s cabin. Tell me what most piques your interest about my journey, and I’ll take special care during our May 2019 passage to capture those details in photography and words just for you (along with the benefits of every other rank). I’ll also handcraft a special gift for you to be delivered at the end of our passage.


a peek into what you’ll get

During our last passage, these photos and stories were exclusively shared with our crew and correspondents and have never been posted since! Experience these views and much more by shipping out with us on our May 2019 passage from California to French Polynesia.

that one time when my first dophin passage companions ever showed up and swam just beneath my toes, and i wept at the magic of it all…

On my second day in the North Pacific High, I had my first ever visit at sea by a pod of dolphins. They swam with me, dancing through water under my feet at the bow. I couldn’t believe I was standing on top of dolphins. I wrote, “…their color through that blue blue water was incredible!”

one offended bird and a half-digested fish…

one offended bird and a half-digested fish…

I adjusted a line from the cockpit and heard an offended “SQUAWWWWK”. Zia started barking, and we went forward to discover a bird on deck that had vomited up a half eaten fish, and was stuck in the space on the deck between the windows and the fuel cans! This was the beginning of an adventure to get the bird off the boat…

i was so cold by this point, how on earth did this guy in need of warmth survive 26 days?!

i was so cold by this point, how on earth did this guy in need of warmth survive 26 days?!

It had been cold and grey for days, and we were only a couple of days from the end of our journey. But on this day, the sun came out and Zia and I were basking in the cockpit. I looked up to check for ships, and saw this little stowaway basking in the sun with us! This led to a funny chase all over the deck and up the mast for us…

come along with us

I hope you’ll join us this month and share our experience on the high seas. There will be highs and lows, stories of what we find out there on the great blue, laughing and crying… I promise a great adventure with us on this first leg of our westward journey around the globe!