5/31/17: This week in Peregrina prep

  • I decided to forgo installing that third house battery. It turned out I'd have to build in a platform for it. With all-LED lights, better solar coming soon, and our windvane, we probably don't need it. 🤞
  • Our friend, George, took us sailing on the Pacific in his lovely 30-foot sloop, and we saw whales! It was totally awing, and a joyous way to spend Memorial Day weekend!
  • Patched up those extraneous holes I drilled in the transom during our windvane installation (d'oh), and re-attached a CNG tank bracket that had previously been poorly glued down. This was my first time working with woven glass, and it turned out great!
  • Installed a SmartPlug for our AC shore power connection, since both parts of the old plug were starting to turn brown around one prong and entry. Eeep! Pretty simple project, big rewards.
  • We finally got our website up and running! Such huge thanks to our friend, Claire, who designed the beautiful logo, colors, and much of the layout (anything not great is my handiwork).