leaving Mo'orea

All good things must come to an end… and that’s exactly what’s happening to my visa tomorrow. I’m clearing out now for my departure for the Cook Islands, and if all goes according to plan, my first stop will be Palmerston Island (which has a very interesting history). Time and weather permitting, we’ll head to Niue, and then on to anchor in a reef in the middle of the ocean while we wait for a weather window to New Zealand. Cyclone season technically begins on the first of November, and I imagine we will make landfall in NZ in early- to mid-November. I’m pretty nervous about the next six weeks of sailing, since we have a lot of distance to cover and weather is notoriously tricky between the tropics and New Zealand.

After we leave French Polynesia, I won’t be able to update my website or social media, but I will use my satellite connection to send regular photos and stories to our subscribers. If you want to hear from us while we’re out there on the ocean and in remote places, please consider becoming a supporter for our circumnavigation. We can only complete this dream if you journey along with us!

xo & fair winds,
elana, zia, and s/v windfola ⛵️💕 30 September, 2019; Mo’orea, Society Islands, French Polynesia