leaving at first light tomorrow

At this moment I am belowdecks updating all of you, my friends and loved ones, while my newfound sailseaster, Rachel, is scrubbing the deck and topping off the water in preparation for tomorrow’s departure. I am awed in the face of this generosity, which I have experienced so much lately. From the bottom of my heart (and Windfola’s bilge ;), thank you! Truly, our success and achievements are a result of the love and support of this community.

While I had hoped to depart today by noon, there were still a few minor things to take care and people to say farewell to. It became apparent by 1 PM that I wouldn’t be able to get far enough offshore before dark to feel comfortable for the night, so I’ll be staying here in San Diego for one more night, and leaving as early as I can in the morning.

I hope you’ll join our journey so that I can share the magic of a month at sea with you!

xo & fair winds,
elana, zia, and s/v windfola, 8 May 2019, 3:51 PM PDT