reflections in 12,852 feet of water

(reprinted from instagram)

I’ve been really focused on the work that needs to be finished before we can leave for the Marquesas. I don’t mind what I’m doing now. I’m learning a lot. But I can hear the ocean calling and my heart longs to leave. The solitude and challenge, the beauty, the gratitude I feel out there... these are all what I know I’ll find. And I can’t hardly wait.

This is one of my favorite memories from the final days of my Hawaii to California passage last October. I was in a high…

becalmed in 12,853 feet of water

becalmed in 12,853 feet of water

…so there was absolutely no wind, with the calmest, flattest waters I’ve ever seen. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. Without any wind to cool me, the sunlight made my skin warm, nicely balancing out the chill in the air. I can’t remember how long I sat on the perch seat at the back of the cockpit, looking down into the calm blue depths. It was one of those moments without time, the kind where you can’t recall how long they really were because they left such an imprint. All I know is, it was special. I think we can find moments like that anywhere, if we look for them, but I also know they are always waiting for me out there at sea.